Patras Information

Patras is a town with rich cultural tradition and history, as with strong personality as far as the cultural events of modern Greece are concerned. In 2006, it was chosen to be the Cultural Capital city of Europe, which is not a random fact. Learn more about Patras.

Patras Vacation

Patras is a great destination for every visitor. This city provides a variety of activities to people of all tastes for unforgetable Patras vacation. Don't hesitate! Travel Patras and book your stay in Astir Patras Hotel and soon you will realise that the most exciting Patras holiday is waiting for you!

Travel Patras and visit our famous theatres

For the lovers of theatre, there is the City theatre Apollon (historical building, amazing area and one of the most important theatres in Greece), in the square of Georgios. Also, more alternative spaces, such as the theatre Lithografio, and the small theatre in the Marina, as well as the theatre "Agora", are some places that demonstrate performances, but are also available to teams that want to perform their work at the audience of the city of Patras.

Museums- Exhibition areas for unique Patras holiday

The biggest museum in town at the moment is the Archaeological Museum of Patra at the new building of the National Road. There is also the City Picture Gallery, which demonstrates pretty interesting exhibitions from time to time. Of course, there are other spaces, like galleries, that organize exhibitions of pictures, photographs and other art events.