Visit Patras attractions

There are many Patras attractions worth seeing for the visitor. The majority of them, due to their location, can be met by anyone walking around on foot.

Agios Andreas

At the point where the saint of the city, Agios Andreas, lived and martyred, there are two huge churches, the old one, in which the marble grave of Apostole is located, and the new one, the biggest holy temple in Balkans, where the part of the cross where he martyred is kept, and holy objects, which many people come to worship each year. Agios Andreas is one of the most popular Patras attractions and many people pay a visit annually.


The ornament and symbol of Patras that used to decorate the port, was rebuilt at a different location, loyal copy of the old one. A must - visit Patras attraction.

Old town of Patras

It is the area spread below the castle of Patras. The Roman Conservatoire, the holy temple of Pantokratoras, the Old City Hospital, the Castle, the  Aqueduct, the view from the top to the scales of Ag. Nikolaou str. and also many new classic buildings - ornaments, are some of the points that you have to visit and are worth sightseeing in Patras.

Square of Georgios A

The most central square of Patras with the springs and the city theatre "Apollon", which is a copy of the Milano scale and was constructed in 1972 by Tsiler. If you visit Patras, do not forget to take a look at Georgios A Square.

Achaia Clause

The installations of the Achaia Clause winery are located at an all green hill outside the center of the city, epitome of the industrial architecture. Besides the amazing view, do not omit to taste the famous Mavrodafni.