Patras Travel Guide for Patras Excursions

If you have decided to visit Patras you will certainly enjoy close Patras excursions and meet places of exquisite beauty. For this reason, we provide you with a mini Patras Travel Guide for a better organisation of your Patras tours.

The foremost geographic location of Achaia (it is in the middle of the imaginable triangle of Ancient Olympia - Delphi - Epidavros, abstains only 900 km from Athens and composes the basic connection of Greece with the countries of Western Europe) makes the access of many other places of our country and abroad very easy. This fact is a very good occasion for you to organize close Patras tours.

Patras Tours: Kalavryta - Odontotos

Kalavryta is the most beautiful and tourist developed resort of Achaia. At a distance of one and a half hour by car, it combines the city (with restaurants and cafeterias) to the best ski center of Peloponnese. So, an excursion at Kalavryta, may contain coffee and food, or ski, snowboard, visit to the museum areas of the city, the Monasteri of Agia Lavra, the Mega Spileo etc. An ideal way to reach Kalavryta is by the famous railway Odontotos. We arrive at Diakofto and from there we pick the train, enjoying one of the most beautiful routes in Europe for unforgettable Patras tours.

Patras excursions: Nafpaktos – Mountainous Nafpaktia

Having the bridge to connect us, nowadays Nafpaktia consists a different suburb of Patras, as there are less than 20 minutes that tear us apart.

The small port of Nafpaktos is one of the most beautiful corners of the whole Western Greece and it is ideal for a winter sunny day for coffee and food. With many choices, from cheap students food, to glamorous food especially at night under the light of candles and the lightening of the picturesque port, for special occasions!