Patras Carnival

Carnival of Patras is supposed to be the evolution of ancient mysteries of Dionisos, with a history of at least 170 years. Carnival in Patras is one of the best of kind in Europe and maybe the only carnival in the world speaking from the point of participation from the local community.

Hidden treasure

It is basically a play - contest among the teams in matters of drawing, pantomime, constructions, problems solving and conundrums aiming at the collection of points. Laughter, night vigils and anticipation with the other groups are some unforgettable experiences.


It is about dances that take place at the “Apollon” theatre and in which women take part dressed in domino black with masks (in order not to know each other) and men dressed normally. Flirt is dominating.


The wine that is endless, the smell of the roasted meat and tit bits that are broiled in every corner of Patras and the dances that begin from the morning and last until the next morning, take over every citizen of the capital of Achaia.

The children carnival

It is a series of events planned for the young residents of the city.


The top events of the institution are the two carnival parades: the first one takes place late in the afternoon of Saturday and only carnivals participate, while the second, the big one, takes place on Sunday at noon and chariots, bands and representatives of other countries carnivals participate. A while after the realization of the parade on Sunday, the king of Carnival says goodbye to its people and gets burned at the carnival termination ceremony with thousands of fireworks!!!

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